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What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual false lashes adhered to each natural lash one at a time, with a special adhesive meant for the eyelashes.


How often do I need touch ups?

With proper home care touch ups are usually needed every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness.


Can I wear mascara?

Yes with classic.  No with volume. It is still not recommended with classic but if it is going to be worn it must be a mascara compatible with extensions and mainly apply just at the tips.

Can I wear eyeliner?

Yes but liquid, pen, gel or powder is best.  Pencils have wax which contain oil and that will break down the adhesive of the extensions and cause premature shedding.  Blink does carry a pencil eyeliner safe for extensions if a pencil eyeliner is preferred.

Can I wash my face after application?

Yes, but please wait 6 hours after your last application and make sure to not rub your eyes or snag the extensions with cotton or a washcloth.

What is the difference between Mink and Faux Mink?

Many people in the eyelash extension industry refer to mink and faux mink      interchangeably. Authentic Mink lashes can be used, but they are not widely popular due to their expensive nature, each hair is super fine so not very visible unless adding so many, some people may have animal fur allergies, and the real mink hair doesn’t hold a curl so the lashes tend to go flat.  Usually when people refer to mink they are really talking about a faux mink. Faux mink is made of a super soft material that can come in different lengths and thicknesses, are more uniform allowing for better ability to design the lash line, and hold their curl indefinitely.  

What is the difference between Faux Mink and Silk?

Faux mink and Silk are made from the exact same material.  Some companies refer to their lashes as mink, and some call their lashes silk.  Some companies differentiate their own faux mink and silk based on sheen, taper at the tip, or darkness, but it is up to each company to name their lashes what they choose.  There is not a difference with the material, just the variations each company chooses.

Do you have a sensitive adhesive? I had a reaction to extensions before.

What we say to clients is our adhesive is as safe for sensitive people as possible.

The real answer is “sensitive adhesives” are somewhat of a myth.  There are adhesives with less of the active ingredient “Cyanoacrylate”, but then they tend to be thicker so you end up using more of the adhesive, and in turn aren’t really exposing the client to less of the active ingredient.  If a client is truly sensitive or allergic to cyanoacrylate there is no eyelash extension adhesive on the market that will not cause a reaction, because every eyelash extension adhesive contains that main ingredient. So some clients may never find an adhesive that doesn’t cause a reaction and we would not want to work on someone who is truly allergic knowing that no adhesive will be safe for them.

However, some bad reactions could be caused by an improper application.  An unexperienced stylist may have applied the extensions too close to the base of the lash line causing contact with the skin and adhesive.  Adhesive is only meant to touch the hair, never the skin itself. If adhesive does come in contact with the skin it definitely will cause a negative reaction such as swollen, red or itchy eyes.

Another thing that can cause irritation is if the eye isn’t completely closed during application and the fumes from the adhesive could be irritating the eye before the adhesive is cured. This will leave the eye red, irritated and dry feeling.

The best thing to do is have the client come in for complimentary test.  We can apply a few lashes and see if they have any negative side effects before they invest in a full set.  Always make a note in the appointment notes and in the clients profile if they have any history of previous sensitivity or reactions.  Stylists can take some precautions such as leave a little more space between the lash and the eyelid, mist a little longer to help cure them more, etc.


Is your glue medical grade?



Does your adhesive have formaldehyde?


Do you use Xtreme lashes, Nova lashes, etc.?

These are some of the original training/product companies that have spent a lot of money on marketing and promoting their products and that stylists who train with them are the best trained and have the highest quality products/services.  The truth is these companies have fallen behind in keeping up with current eyelash extension advances in quality of product and in training of their services. Blink’s owners were trained by Xtreme in 2006 and 2007 and while their training was the best at that time, there are even better products and training companies out now.  Blink has tried and tested the best products on the market and we ensure the highest quality that clients will find anywhere.


What are eyelash extensions made of?
  • Synthetic - Polyester

  • Faux mink or silk - a form of nylon

  • Authentic mink - real animal hair (we do not use)


Blink Lash Boutique only uses the highest quality of eyelash extensions.  They are designer quality and either faux mink or silk. They have a beautiful finish and curl, they are virtually weightless.

What are the differences with your full sets?

We have 3 types of application, classic and volume, and a hybrid of both.  Classic is one individual extension placed on one per natural lash.  Volume is a fan of 4-6 lighter extensions placed on one per natural lash.  Classic gives more of a curled mascara look and volume looks fuller and fluffier.   Hybrid is a combination of each.

*All of our sets will look clean and natural, no matter how many extensions applied since we are only enhancing what they have to start with.  We take into consideration what natural lashes can safely hold and do not let our extensions get clumpy and messy looking. 


What is the difference between Classic and Volume lashes?

Classic eyelash extensions are a 1:1 ratio, one extension to one natural lash.  The fullness of the set can not exceed the number of natural lashes the client has per eye.

Volume lashes are fans of extension, typically 4-6, adhered to one natural lash.  A fuller fluffier look is achieved with volume lashes.  Read more here.

Can women going through chemo get extensions?

It is not recommended since they may be shedding their natural lashes and may not have enough lashes to apply extensions to.  Since extensions only attach to a hair and not the skin, we need enough natural lashes to work on across the lash line for a client to get a desired result.


Can pregnant women get eyelash extensions?

We have many pregnant women who get eyelash extensions all through their pregnancy.  The adhesive only touches their hair and not their skin. Still it is a personal choice for each women whether or not she wants to do it, just like some people choose not to color their hair during pregnancy and others do.

Also we like to make sure they're comfortable while lying on the table and may use extra pillows, etc to make sure they feel okay.  Some pregnant women might not be able to lie on their back for very long, while others have no problem. If they need to lie on their side we will sort of prop up their back with pillows.

How long do extensions last? 

The growth and shedding cycle of your natural lashes will cause the extensions to fall out gradually.  Since your natural lashes are constantly shedding (each lash on its own individual cycle) you will constantly be shedding extensions.  On average a person will lose about 5-10 lashes per week. They can last indefinitely with regular touch ups which are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain fullness. When applied properly, extensions can last up to about 6 weeks.  


If I no longer want my extensions what should I do?

Either let them shed out naturally or you can come in for a safe removal.


Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

No, if they are applied properly and taken care of properly.  When applied properly all lashes are separated and applied one to one (one extension to one natural lash).  This requires extensive training, attention to detail and dedication. Your natural lashes follow a natural growth cycle and it is imperative that every individual lash is able to grow, live and shed on its own.  If extensions are not properly applied they can clump, tug and pull at your natural lashes causing breakage, damage and discomfort.

Depending on home care, wear and tear can occur on the natural lashes.  Things such as wearing mascara and removing it, sleeping on lashes, rubbing, pulling etc can all cause the natural lash to be pulled out prematurely and will need to wait for that lash to grow back in on it’s next lash cycle.


Will I ever need a break from extensions?

With proper application and home care a break is not needed.

How long does the application process take?

Full sets: Typically 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Touch ups: Typically 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Why did I lose more lashes on one eye than the other?

It’s possible one eye went through more of a shedding cycle, or it could be the eye of the side of you face you sleep on.  It could also be due to allergies, rubbing, etc. We always do our best to even them out at your next touch up assuming there are as many natural lashes on each eye.


Can I use eye makeup remover?

Most eye makeup removers contain oil and special care is needed removing makeup and oils from extensions.  We recommend our Blink Lash and Lid foaming cleanser with our cleansing brush which removes makeup, dirt, oil to keep your natural lashes healthy for the best retention of your extensions.  Never use q tips as they snag in the extensions and pull out the natural lashes. Also white cotton may get stuck in your extensions.

Can I go swimming or workout?

Extensions are water proof but excessive exposure to water/steam/sweat will shorten the life of the extensions.  We recommend goggles while swimming and a headband while working out to keep sweat off your lashes. We also have extensions sealer like our Black Diamond that can help protect the adhesive.

Why do I see my natural lash on my extension that shed out?

This is because your natural lashes are constantly shedding, and new ones are always growing in.  Each natural lash has a life cycle of 90 days and they are all on their own intervals of shedding/growing in.  You want to see one natural lash attached to one extension when it sheds. This means the extension held up the full life cycle of the natural lash.  As long as you weren’t pulling on your lashes, it was just time for that lash to shed!

Why did I experience more loss this time around?

It’s common to go through more of a heavy shedding cycle, especially in the fall and spring. When this happens, you have new baby lashes growing in.  It’s possible you were in a shedding cycle, or maybe you had more extensions left when you came in for your last touch up so not as many new ones were applied, so it was natural to start shedding more from the previous touch up.

Proper home care is also important.  Did you use anything with oil around your eyes recently?  Go to a humid environment? Allergies where you were rubbing or pulling on your natural lashes more than normal?  There are many external factors that can contribute to lash shedding. Check to see if the extension has a natural lash attached to it, If not the extension came off the natural lash prematurely.

Can or should I tint or lift my lashes before extensions?

Since our extensions are black and curled, it is not necessary to tint or lift them.  Occasionally some people choose to do these services first, especially if they like fewer extensions applied.  It is possible to do tinting or lifting before extensions, but you need to wait 24 hours between tinting/lifting and applying extensions.  Also if maintaining the tint and lift is desired, all the extensions will need to be removed every 6-8 weeks to do the lift/tint again, then apply a new full set of extensions.  For most people, it is more maintenance than desired or necessary, but occasionally some people prefer to do this.


If my natural lashes are straight will the extensions curl them?

Since the extensions are curled it will give the effect of having curled lashes once they are applied.  Although people with very straight or downward pointing lashes may benefit from doing a lash lift first, at least 24 hours in advance.


Why don’t my extensions look like my friend’s?

Everyone has a different size and shape of eye, and the natural lashes vary in length, fullness and strength.  We base the length and thickness of the extensions on what the natural lash can safely hold. If more fullness is desired, we recommend a fuller classic set where more extensions are applied, volume lashes that are mini fans of 4-6 lashes per natural lash, and also using a growth serum like Grande MD to strengthen the natural lashes so they can hold more and thicker extensions.


I have a gap where my natural lashes don’t grow, can you fix that?

We do our best by either using a fan on either side of the gap, or by using a bridging technique.  It won’t look as full in that spot as the rest of your lash line, but we do our best to disguise it.  Grande MD growth serum applied regularly can usually help the natural lashes grow back in bare spots which helps with extensions application.


Can I use eye creams with extensions?

If the creams have oil in them it will break down the adhesive more quickly, so premature loss of the extensions will most likely occur.  If you use any oil based products just know that touch ups will most likely be needed more often.

My extensions are twisting, how do I fix that?

Twisting of the extensions can occur when the extension has grown away from the base of the eyelid, putting more weight on the end of the natural lash.  When this happens it is a sign a touch up is needed. We can safely remove the grown out extension and replace it with a new one close to the base again.

The other reason this can occur is because extensions too heavy for the natural lash to hold was applied and lighter or shorter extensions may be a better fit for longevity.


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