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SD Voyager: Meet The Owners of Blink

Read all about Janelle Koch and Jen Pearson of Blink Lash Boutique in this informative SDVoyager article!  How was Blink Lash Boutique founded and what makes Blink special?

“When I first heard of eyelash extensions in 2006, I was hooked. I immediately took a training and began practicing until I could perfect the skill. As I began seeing clients, I saw that there weren’t many people offering the service at that time, and even fewer who were dedicated to doing it properly and not harm the natural lashes. The stories of clients having bad experiences trying them out had already begun so I knew a place was needed that made the art and skill of eyelash extensions the top priority, where clients could feel safe knowing their lashes would be cared for so they could enjoy the service without worry.” - Janelle Koch

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