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Autumn Lash Shed

Noticing your lashes falling now that it’s fall? 😉

Don’t worry – this is completely natural and very common!  As the weather begins to shift into cooler months, the hairs on our body start to shed and cycle.  (Don’t forget, eyelashes are hairs!)  This is the body’s natural way of renewing and rejuvenating.

Let’s back track: Ever notice that your hair feels heavier in the warmer months?  Maybe  you need a haircut more frequently, or need to shampoo more often.  This is because during the summer, hair growth becomes more rapid.  In ancient day, hair acted as sun protection and was was our first-defense against sun burns and sun damage.  This, combined with increased blood flow, increased exposure to the sun (vitamin D), and increased production of natural skin oils causes hair to grow longer, faster, and fuller.

Now, in the Autumn:  Our body sheds this extra hair as a way of cleansing and refreshing. You may see this extra hair shedding while shampooing or brushing your hair.  Eyelashes shed out as well, in the same way.

In conclusion:  If your eyelashes are cycling out in a more noticeable way than usual, don’t be alarmed at all – they will cycle back soon enough!  In the meantime, lash extensions will help keep your eyes looking youthful and fresh!

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