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Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt? If you haven’t tried out eyelash extensions yet, you might be wondering if they will cause any pain or discomfort to your eye area.  Many individuals simply don’t know what to expect!  Continue reading to find out exactly how eyelash extensions feel.

During the Application:

As you lay down in preparation for your very first set of eyelash extensions, you may be worried that the application will hurt.  Luckily, the exact opposite is true!  Many clients find the eyelash extension application process to be the most relaxing part of their day.

To begin, your Eyelash Extension Professional will instruct you to lay down on your back, on a bed.  Pillows and blankets are available if needed.  Next, a soft pad will be placed over your bottom eyelashes to provide a work service for your technician.  Your eyelashes will then be cleaned to ensure maximum adherence of the extensions.  Your technician will then isolate one single natural eyelash and select the appropriate sized extension to attach.  This continues, one-by-one, until the service is complete.

At most, you can expect to feel a little bit of rustling and brushing through your eyelashes.  Many individuals find this so comfortable, they often fall asleep!  Never be embarrassed about a little snoring.  (Your Eyelash Extension Professional is SO used to it, she probably won’t even notice!)  Everyone needs a little “beauty sleep” from time to time – so relax!

Wearing Extensions Every Day:

Properly applied, high quality eyelash extensions are virtually weightless.  The application is so precise, neither eyelash extensions nor adhesive touches your skin or eyelids at any time.  The extensions are attached meticulously, bonding to your own natural lash only.  Thus, you will feel nothing poking or irritating as you go about your day.

Unfortunately, not all Eyelash Extension Professionals are the same.  Skills, knowledge, and experience can vary drastically. If an inexperienced technician does not apply the extensions properly, there is risk of the extensions touching your eyelids or sticking to multiple eyelashes.  This may cause soreness or a poking sensation.  For the best results, do your research and find a professional that has been well trained and/or completed a guided apprenticeship program within a reputable company.  Take a look at several before and after pictures to make sure you will get the flawless look you deserve.

In addition, keep in mind that not all eyelash extension products are created equal.  Lower quality eyelash extensions and adhesives may be heavier, and more artificial.  These products will have a higher tendency to weigh-down or irritate the eyes.  Be sure to choose an establishment that takes pride in the products that are used.

Here at Blink Lash Boutique, Lash Extensions are our main focus!  Unlike other salons where technicians may also be performing facials or other procedures, our Lash Stylists are devoted to the craft of eyelash extensions full time.  We also believe that our clients deserve only the best, top quality, designer eyelash extension and products.

For more information about our lash extensions, please visit or email us at

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