Lash Care Do’s and Dont's

Congratulations on your new set of lashes!  We hope you’re loving them!  To make the most of your extensions, here are some of our aftercare tips, listed below.  These Do’s and Don’ts are designed to prolong the lifespan and enjoyment of your eyelash extensions!

DO keep eyelashes dry for 6 hours after each service.

DO cleanse your lashes daily with the Blink Foaming Lash & Lid cleanser and Cleansing Brush to keep lashes free of dirt and oil build up.

DO use powdered, liquid, or gel eyeliner only.  Avoid pencil eyeliner, especially on the top lid.

DO comb your eyelashes daily with a clean mascara wand or eyelash comb to straighten and perk up the extensions, gently.

DO avoid all oily products around the eye area.  Be sure to use moisturizers sparingly around the eyes to make sure moisturizers do not run into the eyelashes.

DO schedule a Touch Up appointment every 2-3 weeks to keep lashes looking fresh and full! 

DO try to sleep on your back, or avoid smushing the eyelashes into your pillowcase.

DON’T expose your extensions to excessive heat, steam, swimming, or sauna.

DON’T rub or pull on the extensions or natural eyelashes.

DON’T touch your eyelashes too much, as the oils from your fingers can break down the adhesive.

DON’T use waterproof mascara.  If the use of mascara is desired, we recommend using a mascara designed to be compatible with eyelash extensions.  (Mascara is not recommended with Volume Extensions).

DON’T use a mechanical eyelash curler.

DON’T worry when you lose an extension!  It is normal to shed 10-15 extensions per eye, each week.

DON’T hesitate to reach out to Blink Lash Boutique via email or phone with any questions!  We are happy to support you in any way possible.  Thanks for being a lash lover!





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