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Summer Tips for Lash Care

Hello summer!  Lounging at the beach, splashing in the pool, vacationing… and the best part?  #nomascara!!

Our beloved, lash enhanced clients enjoy the benefit of waking up with fabulous lashes every day!  Lash extensions are a perfect complement to your “no makeup” look! (See our fave no-makeup-makeup YouTube videos below!)

Here are a few summertime Lash Extension FAQs:

Spray Tan is our favorite kind of tan (bronze without the sun’s aging rays)!  However, spray tanning solutions often leave a greasy residue on our lashes.  This can interfere with the bonding power of the adhesive, so we recommend spray tanning 48 hours before OR after your lash appointment.

Swim without smudging!  Look fabulous at the pool without raccoon eyes!  Most lash stylists recommend waiting 24 hours before wetting your lashes, but here at Blink Lash Boutique, we combine a high quality quick-dry adhesive with a finishing mist to cure your lash extensions in only 6 hours!  After 6 hours, feel free to make a splash!

Cardio workouts, saunas, and steam rooms do run a risk of shortening the life of your lash extensions.  If you’re hooked on working up a sweat, we recommend wearing a sweat-absorbing headband so that your lashes stay dry.  Ask your lash stylist to recommend one of our trusty lash sealants to protect your lashes even further and help them become more durable (members receive 10% off!) For longer lasting lashes, saunas and steam rooms should be avoided.

Our misters are now available to take home!  Revive your complexion and refresh yourself with our Nano Mister!  Completely purse sized and TSA friendly, you can feel fresh and fabulous anytime!  Perfect for setting makeup, cooling yourself, and feeling fresh on long Summer days.  Pick one up on your next visit! ($30)

Your team at Blink Lash Boutique is here to help!  Your lash stylist is your personal expert – so don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions you have.  You may also give us a phone call, or email us all questions and comments at  Xo!

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